• “Ever since 1991, Hans and I have been on a continuous and successful quest for striking imagery. It’s great to work with people with whom you share great mutual understanding and trust. Looking forward to the next 25 years.”

    Pieter Leendertse KesselsKramer
  • “I have been working with Hans Pieterse for over 17 years. As an art buyer I got to know him as someone you can always count on, who finds solutions and delivers high standard product photography. He is also a great person to work with.”

    Maud Klarenbeek Head of Art Production at Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam
  • “My kind of guy to work with. Excellent work, great teamplayer, best man for the job, and great fun…”

    Henriette Beij Project, RTV and Printproducer at Beijdehandje
  • “Hans is a great still life photographer and we regularly make use of his services at 180. He has a great eye and his attention to detail and technical expertise are second to none in Amsterdam. Hans has the whole studio and equipment set up ready to handle everything from fast turnround jobs to key visuals for large print campaigns, not to mention his famous Dutch hospitality”

    Mike Winek Integrated Project Director at 180 Amsterdam
  • "Hans Pieterse is a great photographer and a fantastic person to work with. His high standard for quality, his open personality aswel as his knowledge of image, light, storytelling and post production made working with an amazing experience. For me, in the role of production a smooth ride. Looking forward to many future collaborations."

    Wieger Poutsma Founding manager and lead artist @ FISK-imaging, Amsterdam

Hans Pieterse Photography in Amsterdam is een perfect geoutilleerde, allround creatieve studio waar diverse fotografieprojecten en -disciplines, zoals productfotografie, kunstfotografie, stillevens en Hi-end fotografie vorm krijgen. Het is de fotografiestudio waar creatieve concepten ontstaan of in samenspraak met reclamebureaus worden uitgevoerd.

Hans Pieterse Photography werkt zowel voor klanten rechtstreeks – Bugaboo, Nike, Hema, – als voor reclamebureaus, zoals KesselsKramer, The Valley en 180 Amsterdam. Daarnaast initieert Hans Pieterse Photography diverse art projecten met fotografie en stop-motion film.