They call me Hans Pieterse a photographer inventive artisanal an artist creative

Hans Pieterse photography

Hans Pieterse Photography in Amsterdam is an expertly equipped, allround creative studio where diverse photography projects and disciplines are given shape. Creative concepts in the realms of product, art, still life, and High-end photography are professionally executed, while always maintaining a strong collaborative relationship with companies and advertising agencies alike.

Hans Pieterse Photography works for companies directly – Bugaboo, Nike, Hema, – as well as for advertising agencies such as KesselsKramer, The Valley, and 180 Amsterdam. Furthermore, Hans Pieterse Photography initiates many diverse art projects related to photography and stop-motion animation.

If I had to describe myself by using keywords

Then creativity, inventivity, and craftsmanship would be high on the list. And experience. My interest in photography emerged when I was 15 years old. I was at a car show full of great cars from the 50’s, and was struck by the sheer beauty of their shapes and lines. I took my first photograph at that show. My older brother helped me develop my passion for photography. I had my own darkroom when I was really young, and by the time I was sixteen I knew I wanted to do this for a living.