About Hans Pieterse

If I had to describe myself by using keywords

If I had to describe myself by using keywords, then creativity, inventivity, and craftsmanship would be high on the list. And experience. My interest in photography emerged when I was 15 years old. I was at a car show full of great cars from the 50’s, and was struck by the sheer beauty of their shapes and lines. I took my first photograph at that show. My older brother helped me develop my passion for photography. I had my own darkroom when I was really young, and by the time I was sixteen I knew I wanted to do this for a living.

After completing the Fotovakschool in The Hague, I landed my first internship at a very good advertising photographer: Dirk Karsten. This was a valuable learning experience, and taught me all about the authentic craftsmanship of the profession. After my time there, I started for myself and quickly landed Nike as a customer. For the last 20 years, I’ve been working out of my photography studio in Amsterdam.

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My studio is spacious and very well equipped

Which enables me to create any desired setting. I see lighting technique as one of my strong suits. By using my arsenal of flash and artificial lights, flags, spots, mirrors, and Magic Arms I’m able to manipulate light in a virtually limitless number of ways. I’m able to create the most bright daylight as well as any dreamlike ambience; this is a world in which anything is possible.

For most of my studio work I use my technical camera in combination with a digital Leaf background. I do, however, still very much enjoy working with my older, digital Leica M9. A far more ‘primitive’ camera with beautiful lenses, on which all the settings have to be changed by hand. Excellent quality and a pure joy to work with!

I see my studio as a laboratory or operation room: clean and full of technical possibilities. I insure that the object to be photographed is dust free by using compressed air; an almost surgical process. I learnt my craft during the analog age, when cleaning up dust particles through photo editing software just wasn’t possible. “I have never seen images this clean before” is a phrase that has been uttered many times by various editors.

Here in this clean, inspiring setting, I strive to find that single, perfect image which captures precisely that which needs to be communicated.